The lack of representation, voices, and discourses to counter xenophobic and racist remarks in the country where I was born led to immense self-questioning whilst growing up. It was hard to watch my parents, who were not fluent in the foreign language, unable to defend themselves. Throughout my early school days, my sister and I would be the only Asian kids. The small town we grew up in is located just a bridge away from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Many articles I’ve read about the struggles of Chinese immigrants and topics related to inner conflicts regarding one’s identity were…

Originally published by Público in Portuguese.

It was a normal night until I scrolled on Twitter and saw something that really got me. I came across some pictures of a carnival parade in a Northern city in Portugal, where people were apparently dressed as ‘Chinese’ with plastic, black trash bags as their costumes. At first glance, I didn’t even notice it, but it was only after I read the messages of the posters they were holding that I realised what it was all about. ‘Help! I want to get out of this invasion!’, ‘The Chinese are clever, even though they…

10th Feb – 12th Feb 2019

Traveling to the Iwate Prefecture through CAMPUS Asia seemed to be the perfect opportunity to meet a different side of Japan as an exchange student at Waseda University. Little did I know that I’d meet so many wonderful individuals from Peking University, Korea University, and Waseda University. And I definitely didn’t expect to feel so many emotions throughout the whole trip. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Iwate, and more importantly, about the people. A special thanks to Prof. Umemori, Prof. Koyama, Prof. Miyamoto, and Mr. …

the lights of the kitchen are too bright for my eyes. white tables, white cupboards, white reflective floor, some red outlining the entrance. the only reason i’m here is the AC — it’s on and it feels cool, whilst the bedroom is quite hot even though it’s raining now. there is a group of people in the kitchen. they’re talking. my roommate is eating the pancakes she just made, and the nice chinese girl is washing her dishes. i can hear a british accent. one of the individuals from the group must certainly be from the UK. …

a warm night. as my dog and i walked up the road, i noticed a plane flying out of the airport that’s on the other side of the river. i wonder where it’ll stop and if the travellers were looking down, saying goodbye to this beautiful place. one week to go and it will be me between the clouds. i don’t want to think about it. so close and yet so far — i still can’t believe that i am going to move to the other side of the planet, by myself. i’ll not believe it until i arrive in…

i wonder how many people lay in bed
and think about their loneliness
the void in their hearts
not because they’re incomplete
but because of the people that surround them
the lack of understanding
they fake interest
they don’t understand our passions
what we love, what makes us cry
but maybe they’re in the exact same position
we’re just afraid to expose ourselves.

my hometown

You want to stay, but you also want to leave.

You are currently in a dilemma, it seems. Damn, it is hard to be in a position like that.

You want to stay because you do not want to leave home – where everything you know and love is located. It is where you grew up, it naturally became a part of you.

You know all of it, and yet you wish to leave home.

You want to do it because you crave for more. You want to feed your soul with new experiences. Find a new home even. A…

Cristiana Wu

portuguese-chinese · rediscovering my old passion for writing · writer @NoodleShopMedia ☾

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