a warm night. as my dog and i walked up the road, i noticed a plane flying out of the airport that’s on the other side of the river. i wonder where it’ll stop and if the travellers were looking down, saying goodbye to this beautiful place. one week to go and it will be me between the clouds. i don’t want to think about it. so close and yet so far — i still can’t believe that i am going to move to the other side of the planet, by myself. i’ll not believe it until i arrive in Tokyo, where reality will definitely wake me up. it is not a dream. it is not a nightmare. it’s real life. and the decision-making process was so random too, getting one of the furthest destinations possible.

no. don’t think about it.

just appreciate the present for now. the future is a not promised gift.

and i look at the orange moon. she’s moving too.

portuguese-chinese · rediscovering my old passion for writing · writer @NoodleShopMedia ☾

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