my hometown

You want to stay, but you also want to leave.

You are currently in a dilemma, it seems. Damn, it is hard to be in a position like that.

You want to stay because you do not want to leave home – where everything you know and love is located. It is where you grew up, it naturally became a part of you.

You know all of it, and yet you wish to leave home.

You want to do it because you crave for more. You want to feed your soul with new experiences. Find a new home even. A safe haven where you can develop the best version of yourself. You want to get to know your own limits and see how far you can go, stepping out of your comfort zone.

And you know that it is not an easy task. You will have to leave everything behind. There is no place for regret. You will fulfil yourself with new adventures, new worlds, and you will do it all with love. You will find joy and happiness in a foreign place, with or without them. A new home will be built. Meaningful connections with other people will be made too.

It is not being selfish; far from it. Deep down, you know you are doing yourself a favour. You know you deserve it – living in a way that you truly love.

portuguese-chinese · rediscovering my old passion for writing · writer @NoodleShopMedia ☾

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